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So you finally have the performance car of your dreams, now what?  Drive it around congested city streets and boring roads?  See what you (the driver) and your car are made of when faced with a full on race course.  We are dedicated to ensuring your time at the track a safe and enjoyable one.  Whether it's your first time out, or you've had a lot of seat time, we cater to your needs.  We will only  run 3 groups which ensures plenty of track time.  Check the "Events" page for updated information and make sure to "Register" and print all forms.  All you have to do is show up and have a good drive.   This is not a race!  There will be no trophies given to anybody.  This is solely for enjoyment and educational purposes.  Our goal is to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for any skill level.

Meet Adam: Adam Warren, our lead instructor, (in the Subaru, and the guy on the right) has been one of the youngest guys out there on the track.  He has been mastering the art of racing/driving at Willow Springs since 1999, and has raced at such places like Laguna Seca and California Speedway.  He's always had a passion for performance cars;  especially, Road Course Racing Cars.  Adam  is qualified to help
you master your skills.

Meet Garry:  Garry Wong, our other lead Instructor, (in the #75 car) is a certified driving instructor for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.  Garry has driven Police, Sports and Race Cars for 20 years. Starting back at Riverside International Raceway, Ontario Motor Speedway, "Nascar" Charlotte Motor Speedway, Laguna Seca, Infineon, Button Willow, Willow Springs and Spring Mountain Nevada.  Garry has the knowledge and skill to help improve your driving skills.

If you are passionate about your performance car and enjoy driving, you have come to the right place.  Come shoot the shoot with other enthusiasts alike!

Our goal is to stimulate the driver to become one with his or her car.  Listen to its sounds, feel the road through the steering wheel, and ultimately master the art of driving.

Get in the habit of checking your car's fluid level and tire pressure, this is a good practice for you to keep.

Now you finally have a reason to tweak the performance of your car a bit (motor work, suspension) to show off to the rest of the drivers.

Use the forum and SUBSCRIBE! to the blog to ask questions, talk about an event you enjoyed, post pictures of your car and from the event

Do you have any questions about your car or need help installing aftermarket equipment?  Contact us or use the forums and blogs.
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