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                              Be safe and drive skillfully

Driving tips:
  When entering a bend or turn, especially at high speed, brake before the turn and slightly accelerate throughout the turn until completion. Accelerating in a turn applies down force and balance on the car and prevents a spin out.  Or, feather the throttle to correct oversteer or understeer.  NEVER BRAKE IN A HIGH SPEED TURN!  The weight will be thrown to front making the rear light and causing a spin out.

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The Streets of Willow Springs Raceway & Skid pad

Date and Time  
3500 75th Street West
Rosamond, CA 93560
(661) 256-6666
1.  All driver's must attend mandatory driver's meeting at 8:30am sharp!
2.  Must wear Snell Certified Helmet.  Helmet must be worn while on track.
One may be borrowed from us, please let us know ahead of time.
3.  Seat belts must be functional 
4.  All windows must be rolled down while on the track (If they cannot roll down
please let us know)
5.  Certain requirements apply to convertibles, please contact us.
6.  Only instructors may take passengers on the track (If you are qualified to
instruct please contact us)
7.  You must choose from one of 3 run groups:
Beginner:  Have never been to this track
Intermediate:  Have been to the track, but still don't know it well
Advanced:  Have been many times, and know it well
8.  We will specify passing points on the track at the meeting
9.  Please remember to ensure your safety and the safety of others while you're
out there.  If you don't feel comfortable on the track, come in to the pit area
and find an instructor.
10. Having fun and being safe is mandatory :)

Check your car to ensure peak safety and performance.  Check all fluids, tire pressure, and  inspect braking system.

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